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One Love Float is passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body through empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. One Love Float provides an alternative, non invasive mind-body relaxation therapy through the use of floatation tanks in the areas of athletics, health/general well being and pre/postnatal care. Benefits from floating include: stress & pain relief, assist with addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, detox and improved personal performance through mental clarity, super learning, physical recovery and much more. Unplug from the world and plug into yourself.

Float Thoughts

Review real client floatation testimonials to understand the real benefits offered to those who choose to experience the calming restoration of aquatic weightlessness and sensory deprivation.

Exploring our relationship to WATER

mitch bayliss

Water is the element of emotions, our subconscious, mysteries of the soul and fluidity

It is the space that holds the container to be limitless, dream big, stretch ourselves and expand into potential. It is home to our sacred feminine  - intuition and magic. Water permeates and shapes everything it touches.

It is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Just like all of us. We are dynamic, fluid beings… water is part of us. 

These are some of my most favorite elements of what water brings to floating.


Float tanks gift us the master teaching of impermanence. 

Water loves curiosity.

There is an innate understanding around waters ability to nourish and replenish us in its expression to physically supports all life forms. 

In the float tank, there is 10-11inches of water with 1000lbs of Epsom salt that is recreates this water understanding of nurturing and replenishment on the body.

Physically, while you are floating, the weightlessness is the redistribution of gravity on our body allowing it to discover how water can show up for us. 

Sometimes that looks like a physical awareness in the body that it would like you to drink more water to the exploration through movement of it own natural expression in free form.


·         Don’t struggle – don’t linger in the doorway. Submerge…fully

o   Water doesn’t strain to have any sort of outcome.  It doesn’t have expectation. Be received by your float in a state of openness.

o   Surrender to the water and trust the body to guide itself through movements of recovery, rest and natural expression as it works toward homeostasis and alignment

o   By allowing our bodies to soften into the float, notice how the water respond and what wisdom is there in it’s response? 


Follow the flow -  Allow the float to unfold for you. Like water, humbly feel for the open channels and flow effortlessly through them.

 Allowance is stronger than resistance.

o   By living in a state of deep acceptance of whatever is happening in this moment, you achieve the slipperiness of water

o   Resistance creates the struggle. What you resist persists.

o   If you struggled or came up against resistance in your float… this is part your message.  Leaning into the resistance. Can you find a way to be okay with discomfort? Are you hearing a message but choosing not to acknowledge or integrate?

o   When the water guides you to a place of resistance in the body, ask questions (what do I need to know about this, investigate more)


Float tanks are a master teacher of transparency .

Water reflects clarity

FLOATING creates the space where the most attractive option is to get real and raw. It matches you every time with your truth in that moment. Inside the tank, that is all that exists as true connection demands nothing less than being completely authentic…transparent and one with self.

How we perceive water completely depends on who we are. It also depends on the time and place in which we find ourselves at that moment, as well as our relationship to water.

Cultivating your relationship to water will enhances your float experience.

·         If you and the water sat down to have a conversation, what would you say?

·         What is your relationship to water?

·         What would water’s relationship with you be?

WATER TEACHINGS – float tips

Create a float ritual to become your container for transparency and supports your self practice

o   How do you prepare and curate your float experience

o   What is your why?

o   Giving time and space not to be rushed.

o   Prefloat – the float – postfloat are the opening, middle and ending of your ceremon

Be soft in your strength.

o   We store an enormous capacity to manifest thought to form mentally, physically and spiritually similar to water and how it can change states.   Allow water to provide a container of clarity through allowance verses expectation and projection


Both water and float tanks teach us about Oneness

Water teaches us to follow the current and attune to the next thing indicated, to get curious about what is around the next bend, tap into the rhythm that is the spectrum of availability and ride the waves as intuitively as possible. This means to get out of your own way!!

Water and floating can be a space of availability as it connects to self trust and acceptance. It's a free fall into vulnerability. It is the embodiment of fluidity.

Consider the darkness of the float tank water is a space of conception.

Being present to the watery collective consciousness of the float tank can serve as the ocean of connection, a space of transparent reflection, discovery and attention what you want to invite in. It provides a space to flow with these moments discovering who you are, what you want and influence what you are calling in.

The fluid tranquility of floating is not stagnant or without energy.
It is a state of freedom and flow.
It takes on the element of water.
It becomes the container we provide for it.
It is Oneness.


If you want clarity, be still.  When the wind and waves (like our thoughts) subside… Then the surface becomes a mirror and the depths become visible. We can deepen our insight as we grow silent and still.  As we float and remove the distractions …things that were hidden in plain sight are revealed.


o   The water allows for sound to travel great distance – try OMing in the tank connect you into oneness

o   .Like water, stay open to the energy frequencies that reverberate around us. Let yourself be inspired. Let your consciousness be a conduit of that which is best in all of us. Identify the values you hold dear – kindness, generosity, willingness, courage, compassion – and amplify those values in your own actions.

o   “Universe” means “one song”. Let the song of the universe resonate in you, through you, as you.


Be like water… A raindrop only seems to be separate from other raindrops… we may perceive that we have barriers around us all the time.  As the raindrop falls from the sky and hits the surface of the ocean it’s joins the collective waters and becomes one. Consider yourself like the raindrop…returning back to source, home to self, outside and inside a perfect reflection of one another and full of the same wisdom.

One of the things that connects us all is water.

Salt teaches us that in dissolving it, we then can perceive it. The float tank teaches us that in spending time with ourselves, we can witness our own reflection.  Water shows how to flow into opportunities to collect parts of ourselves and integrate them back into our whole.

In every moment, we have the opportunity to engage with these watery spaces in ourselves and our lives.  Consider this an invitation into partnership with self and the inter-connectivity of Oneness.