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One Love Float is passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body through empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. One Love Float provides an alternative, non invasive mind-body relaxation therapy through the use of floatation tanks in the areas of athletics, health/general well being and pre/postnatal care. Benefits from floating include: stress & pain relief, assist with addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, detox and improved personal performance through mental clarity, super learning, physical recovery and much more. Unplug from the world and plug into yourself.

Float Thoughts

Review real client floatation testimonials to understand the real benefits offered to those who choose to experience the calming restoration of aquatic weightlessness and sensory deprivation.


mitch bayliss

That’s easy, I float to heal. As someone who suffers from chronic concussion issues, I’m continuously battling against the physical and mental symptoms from this agonizing injury. Floating is not only my escape from an overstimulated world, it’s my therapy.

My mind seeks the solace found in the silent darkness. And my body relishes in the total relaxation experienced while floating. Tension evaporates from each muscle in this unique weightless environment. This is something I struggle to achieve from other forms of therapy. In fact, many other therapies aggravate my symptoms rather than settling them. Even though it’s been years since I sustained the injury, my head still feels like a bruised peach. So much so, that somedays holding my head in my hands or resting it on a pillow elicits pain. Floating alleviates this. Plain and simple. The water supports my head in a way that doesn’t apply pressure and lets it rest in whatever position it needs to in order to be comfortable. An experience I have only been able get from floating.

When you have a concussion, your brain is injured. For me this means my brain doesn’t always function the way I want it to. That’s a big deal. During float sessions there is nothing my mind has to do. It has permission to do what it needs to do to heal. My brain can rest if that’s what it needs or I can put it to work and focus on exploring specific areas by trying to control my thoughts. While floating it doesn’t matter what direction my mind goes because I always leave each session feeling like I’m closer to firing on all cylinders. That ultimately means that I’m getting closer to being my old self again. And that’s powerful.

So why do I float? I float so I can be me.

 Corinne has nearly 10 years experience as a sports industry professional with a focus on supporting elite athletes through a holistic approach. In 2011, she was injured in a bobsleigh crash and walked away with a serious concussion and extensive damage to her musculoskeletal system, particularly in her back, neck and shoulders