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One Love Float is passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body through empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. One Love Float provides an alternative, non invasive mind-body relaxation therapy through the use of floatation tanks in the areas of athletics, health/general well being and pre/postnatal care. Benefits from floating include: stress & pain relief, assist with addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, detox and improved personal performance through mental clarity, super learning, physical recovery and much more. Unplug from the world and plug into yourself.

Float Thoughts

Review real client floatation testimonials to understand the real benefits offered to those who choose to experience the calming restoration of aquatic weightlessness and sensory deprivation.

Floating & Creativity

mitch bayliss

Creativity; a mindful curiosity with floating

~ Jill Dalsin


It’s always interesting talking to people about creativity. Many minds tend to immediately go towards painting, or dancing, or writing, or whatever particular “artistic medium” out of thousands you could be working with, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve heard “well, I can’t draw, I’m just not a creative kind of person.”

I’m calling BS.

Keep with me here – I’m not saying that we all can just pick up a paint brush for an hour and some wonderful, magnificent, DaVinci-type masterpiece will take shape – I’m saying, we need to take a second look at the word “creativity,” and potentially shift our expectations about how creativity manifests in our lives.

Quite simply put, creativity can really just mean the ability to create…

and whether we notice or not, we are all constantly creating. Maybe you wake up each morning, and the first thing you do is make yourself a cup of coffee. Between bed and the kitchen, how many ideas have you already thought up? Have you started forming a plan for your day, what you need to do at work, what you need to do at home? Has your imagination already gone off in a bunch of different directions, searching for endless possibilities to scenarios that may or may not happen? Are you preparing yourself for how you’ll show up in particular interactions with co-workers, clients, or family?

We are constantly doing this! Forming new ideas, new solutions to the inevitable problems that pop up; we’re physically creating food, sounds, words, documents, etc. Our days are completely made up of putting ideas into actions and forming something new of value. However, I think we tend to see many of these processes as mundane, and so do not generally notice and acknowledge that our capacity for creativity is always with us.

So, where does floating come into the picture?

I’ve heard many amazing anecdotes about people who go for a float and are able to dive into a world of visions, colours, and sounds, somewhere near the level of a psychedelic journey, potentially sparking their inspiration and imagination for some creative project or endeavour. And I think, if this is your personal experience, that is truly wonderful.

Personally, I’ve never really had that. My tank sessions (generally) manifest as something a bit more subtle – a deeper drop into a quiet, meditative state of observation. I can feel my brainwaves slowing down, acknowledging that there is less sensory input to process in this type of environment. Along the way, things may feel a little out of focus, like I’m on the cusp of a dream, and random stories that don’t make sense weave in and out of my perception. Thoughts become fewer and farther between, and an awareness of the simple fact that I am just conscious begins to heighten. Suddenly, boom – the drop happens, and I’m quite simply sitting quietly with my own consciousness.

Nothing else. No crazy colours, or images, or messages - just the fundamental experience of being. It feels like a clean slate. There’s no pressure to be doing or becoming anything in this space. This is where I find the essence of me.

Being in the time-warp of the float tank, I don’t really know how long I’ve been in this state when I come out of it, but when I do, I feel a little more refreshed. Renewed. Clear.

I think this is a pretty common thread among floaters – regardless of what your actual experience inside the tank is like (and I whole-heartedly acknowledge that everyone’s personal journeys with floating come in a huge range of experiences that will differ completely from mine), most people seem to come out feeling a little more fresh.

We’re a little more sensitive to our senses, we’re a little more relaxed, and thoughts seem to form from a place of more clarity.

And that’s where my floating practice seems to give birth to a greater sense of creativity - going out into the world and acting, or creating, from that space of clarity. The mundane doesn’t feel as mundane anymore. The world has more, brighter colours, I’m more aware of my thoughts and actions and they seem to flow in a clearer, less chaotic way than before. It’s from this place that I feel more capable of observing and breaking patterns, forming new ideas and values that will move me through my life. I’m a little more present in my relationships. I can make decisions in this clarity with a little more surrender and a little less attachment to the outcome, because it feels right to move forward in this way, and not just move forward in a way that fits a routine or because “that’s just how it’s done”.

Often, on a day that I float, I will handle something in a new, unexpected way. I’m a little more open to trying new ways of doing things. And sometimes, I am a little more open to putting pen to paper; drawing, writing, or painting something with fewer expectations on how it’ll turn out.

So, my perception on floating for creativity boils down to this: in the float tank, I can observe a shift in my consciousness; I am able to move into a space of more internal mental, emotional, and physical clarity; I am more capable of shedding expectations and limitations; I am able to see that I can intentionally choose how I am going to interact with my day, and how these decisions in turn create my life. To me, this is tapping into the conscious creativity that is always flowing through us.

If any of this already resonates for you, that’s great! Keep that mindful curiosity when stepping into your next float, just observing what comes up as it comes up. Like I said, you might not feel like stepping into some super artsy project afterward, but maybe you notice your problem-solving skills begin to sharpen, or you feel a little more open to trying that new recipe for dinner, or you feel more capable of holding space for a loved one going through a difficult time.

Floating is a great tool for finding that clarity to be able to act a little more intentionally moving through life. We create everything around us, and I think that to be able to tap into realizing our capacity to create is constantly there, underlying everything we do, is what it’s all about.

Happy floating!

Exploring our relationship to WATER

mitch bayliss

Water is the element of emotions, our subconscious, mysteries of the soul and fluidity

It is the space that holds the container to be limitless, dream big, stretch ourselves and expand into potential. It is home to our sacred feminine  - intuition and magic. Water permeates and shapes everything it touches.

It is simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary at the same time. Just like all of us. We are dynamic, fluid beings… water is part of us. 

These are some of my most favorite elements of what water brings to floating.


Float tanks gift us the master teaching of impermanence. 

Water loves curiosity.

There is an innate understanding around waters ability to nourish and replenish us in its expression to physically supports all life forms. 

In the float tank, there is 10-11inches of water with 1000lbs of Epsom salt that is recreates this water understanding of nurturing and replenishment on the body.

Physically, while you are floating, the weightlessness is the redistribution of gravity on our body allowing it to discover how water can show up for us. 

Sometimes that looks like a physical awareness in the body that it would like you to drink more water to the exploration through movement of it own natural expression in free form.


·         Don’t struggle – don’t linger in the doorway. Submerge…fully

o   Water doesn’t strain to have any sort of outcome.  It doesn’t have expectation. Be received by your float in a state of openness.

o   Surrender to the water and trust the body to guide itself through movements of recovery, rest and natural expression as it works toward homeostasis and alignment

o   By allowing our bodies to soften into the float, notice how the water respond and what wisdom is there in it’s response? 


Follow the flow -  Allow the float to unfold for you. Like water, humbly feel for the open channels and flow effortlessly through them.

 Allowance is stronger than resistance.

o   By living in a state of deep acceptance of whatever is happening in this moment, you achieve the slipperiness of water

o   Resistance creates the struggle. What you resist persists.

o   If you struggled or came up against resistance in your float… this is part your message.  Leaning into the resistance. Can you find a way to be okay with discomfort? Are you hearing a message but choosing not to acknowledge or integrate?

o   When the water guides you to a place of resistance in the body, ask questions (what do I need to know about this, investigate more)


Float tanks are a master teacher of transparency .

Water reflects clarity

FLOATING creates the space where the most attractive option is to get real and raw. It matches you every time with your truth in that moment. Inside the tank, that is all that exists as true connection demands nothing less than being completely authentic…transparent and one with self.

How we perceive water completely depends on who we are. It also depends on the time and place in which we find ourselves at that moment, as well as our relationship to water.

Cultivating your relationship to water will enhances your float experience.

·         If you and the water sat down to have a conversation, what would you say?

·         What is your relationship to water?

·         What would water’s relationship with you be?

WATER TEACHINGS – float tips

Create a float ritual to become your container for transparency and supports your self practice

o   How do you prepare and curate your float experience

o   What is your why?

o   Giving time and space not to be rushed.

o   Prefloat – the float – postfloat are the opening, middle and ending of your ceremon

Be soft in your strength.

o   We store an enormous capacity to manifest thought to form mentally, physically and spiritually similar to water and how it can change states.   Allow water to provide a container of clarity through allowance verses expectation and projection


Both water and float tanks teach us about Oneness

Water teaches us to follow the current and attune to the next thing indicated, to get curious about what is around the next bend, tap into the rhythm that is the spectrum of availability and ride the waves as intuitively as possible. This means to get out of your own way!!

Water and floating can be a space of availability as it connects to self trust and acceptance. It's a free fall into vulnerability. It is the embodiment of fluidity.

Consider the darkness of the float tank water is a space of conception.

Being present to the watery collective consciousness of the float tank can serve as the ocean of connection, a space of transparent reflection, discovery and attention what you want to invite in. It provides a space to flow with these moments discovering who you are, what you want and influence what you are calling in.

The fluid tranquility of floating is not stagnant or without energy.
It is a state of freedom and flow.
It takes on the element of water.
It becomes the container we provide for it.
It is Oneness.


If you want clarity, be still.  When the wind and waves (like our thoughts) subside… Then the surface becomes a mirror and the depths become visible. We can deepen our insight as we grow silent and still.  As we float and remove the distractions …things that were hidden in plain sight are revealed.


o   The water allows for sound to travel great distance – try OMing in the tank connect you into oneness

o   .Like water, stay open to the energy frequencies that reverberate around us. Let yourself be inspired. Let your consciousness be a conduit of that which is best in all of us. Identify the values you hold dear – kindness, generosity, willingness, courage, compassion – and amplify those values in your own actions.

o   “Universe” means “one song”. Let the song of the universe resonate in you, through you, as you.


Be like water… A raindrop only seems to be separate from other raindrops… we may perceive that we have barriers around us all the time.  As the raindrop falls from the sky and hits the surface of the ocean it’s joins the collective waters and becomes one. Consider yourself like the raindrop…returning back to source, home to self, outside and inside a perfect reflection of one another and full of the same wisdom.

One of the things that connects us all is water.

Salt teaches us that in dissolving it, we then can perceive it. The float tank teaches us that in spending time with ourselves, we can witness our own reflection.  Water shows how to flow into opportunities to collect parts of ourselves and integrate them back into our whole.

In every moment, we have the opportunity to engage with these watery spaces in ourselves and our lives.  Consider this an invitation into partnership with self and the inter-connectivity of Oneness.


mitch bayliss

The float space is our heart space.  Our heart guides our inner wisdom.

We harmonize with the float environment to our own personal frequency so the information we receive is from our heart.  There is a direct dynamic connection between the meditative state, the heart and brainwaves. These create our heart-brain synchronicity.

While floating, we enter a similar state of meditation, shamanic journeying that occurs with the theta brain wave.  This is the brainwave where everything:

  • Is possible, it’s limitless, it’s unedited.

  • It’s the space of our of our dreams, secret asks of the universe.

  • It is what our unconscious and conscious is calling in, what we truly want.

  • It is a space to honoring where we are at and perspective through the lens of our soul…this is the coherence of the heart.

I have learned through floating, there is a seduction with external confirmations and in the tank there is only you.  It’s the paradox of hearing in a soundproof environment.  We close out the external experience and amplify the internal inperience.

We hear ourselves. Loud and clear.

It can be a foreign and unfamiliar magic…the magic is you.  You are your own teacher with all our own answers.  When we develop a relationship with the tank, what we are actually doing is creating a relationship with self, we create a space of stepping into your own.  It is an invitation to come closer and lean to in.

For me, I have witness a process of to surrendering and submerging into the coherence of the heart within the float tank:

  • Listen

  • Be Present

  • Allow for stillness

  • Trust



The first gateway to our inner landscape and pure transmission of the heart (and first portion of the float)  is witnessing the mind and our thoughts.

What is our projection showing us and protecting?  What has our immediate attention?  What is occupying our mind space and influencing our heart space? Bring awareness to our inner dialogue.

Float Tip:  Your prefloat ritual is critical here in allowing you to set up a smooth transition from the mind to the body to the heart. Bring self into the state of calm…what is your process?

  • Morning of your float

  • Prefloat stretch, breathing excerises

  • Shower ritual, lights off in the room

  • How we do one thing, we do everything



Get into the immediate moment. Get into your body.  This is the next gateway to our inner self. I have learned that we process through the body – our relationship to it, is our relationship to our spirit.

It is our container for our magic. How we nurture it, make choices for it is our direct relationship to it, allowing us to expand into our truth.

Float tip:

  • Start scanning and witnessing from the external – outside the room, come in slowly to the tank, into self.

  • Once in the body – do a body scan, check in with all the corners, uncommon spaces, what and where are you hiding?

  • Place your hands on your heart – Ground in


Our key to bliss, is stillness.

In the void, there is everything.

This is the land of our innate wisdom.

The float tanks purpose is deep relaxation on the body, devoid of stimulus … it is all waiting for you to submerge into. Take a deep breath and hold. And when you are ready, make the choice to surrender to the awaiting on the exhale, knowing 100% of the time you will catch yourself.  One of the most common float messages we hear through fear (turning off the lights, closing the door, etc) is  “I got this” ….what a POWERFUL message

The Micro is in the macro – so apply your micro messages and integrate them into your macro lifestyle… YOU GOT THIS!

 Float tip:

  • INHALE yourself…fully. Allow yourself to EXHALE you. Repeat.

  • Honor where you are at

  • Acknowledge the time and space you have dedicated to yourself.


Oh hey there, trust.  We come back to you again. Working through the layers of floating, each and every step involves trust at some level…..Booking the float and trusting it’s timing; Letting go of our neck and trusting it will be supported by the water;  Witnessing the mind and trusting we will be able to discern projection from truth; Moving through the body and trusting the relaxation sensation to drop us in.

The float tanks are teachers of Trust. Letting go. Surrendering. Otherwise our feedback is stuck in the superficial – we linger in it’s doorway - it’s too hot, my neck hurts, I don’t have time, I got salt in my eyes, etc. When we choose to soften into the resistance, it is like a key and we are shown what we call the void – it’s not shiny or the intensity of a peak experience…it is blissful calmness – ecstatic stillness … and this is where we download from spirit.

j o u r n a l o n e | lessons from the tank | Kori Leigh

mitch bayliss

The water is body temperature making it hard to distinguish where self ends and water begins; hard to feel where water ends and air begins. The float tank takes away the senses, it leaves self totally immersed with… well, self. And that is the whole pain and beauty of floating; nowhere to run, nowhere to hide for wherever we go, there we are.

Here are today's lessons from the float tank:

60 min felt like a lifetime today.

Training in slowness is more painful than training for a marathon. I was itchy, unsettled, & flooded with infinite thoughts. 

I went in with no expectations and yet, I still expected great ah-ha moments, visualization, divine guidance. 

But nothing - or so it seemed - other than me, 1000 lbs of salt, a tank full of water, a dark room, and a restless chatty mind. 


I thought I was forgotten in the float tank. It was like I was in there for an infinite time. Part of me wanted to quit, get up, shower and leave. But the other part of me was content in that water, happy to be in the womb of a tank - close to self, close to the infinite void. 

Then I got up feeling a little shocked at my emotions after what I had deemed as a "waste of time float", I showered slowly. My heart felt tender, my emotions were raw. I felt humbled, and still. 

You see, the work is not always known to us. Sometimes it’s deeper than we can imagine. Often the work is a total act of faith. 

Click here for Kori's full blog

Be like the Float tank ... Be like Winter

mitch bayliss


Be like the Float Tank...Be like Winter
Simple. Calm. Quiet. Reflection.

Both of these are opportunities to collect parts of ourselves and integrate them back into our whole.  Allow breathing room into your internal space.  Create and give permission for take time for yourself. Fall in love with the darkness that provides the duality for the light.

Salt teaches us that in dissolving it, we then can perceive it. The float tank teaches us that in spending time with ourselves, we can witness our own reflection.  Winter shows us how to slow down and appreciate the quiet space through it's seasonal wisdom.

" Silence is not the absence of something but the presence of everything."
~Gordon Hempton.

Simple, calm, quiet, reflection all wrapped up in string.
These are a few of our favorite things.


mitch bayliss

Holidays are about connecting both to those you love and also to yourself.  The one thing that connects us all is the empty space in between. Similar to the pause between the inhale and exhale of your breath, it can be the bridge that connects you to others.   We can envision a structure that contains a neutral space, where all possibilities coexist equanimously; we like to call this the limitless void.

Time in the tank can serve as the void where time becomes the still point, a place of reflection, discovery and attention to one's intention. It is a void in your chronological history.   Use this space to fill those moments with what you want in your world and to influence how you are creating your own history.  This is a great time of year to connect with the natural cycle of allowing completion and to welcome the new.

In every moment, we have the opportunity to engage with the empty spaces in our lives, to enjoy the pause and stillness that comes before action. May you savor the stillness you create this holiday season with inter-connectivity.


mitch bayliss

Creating a symbiotic partnership with your float space will take you deeper into your relationship to your experience.  Fostering care and respect for the float environment and having a float ritual can be part of that gateway to Self and the art of Floating.

One of our favorite techniques is to consciously "open" and "close" your space.  This is a ritual of intentionally opening to your experience and stepping into the sensation of the present moment.  It is creating an environment for exploration that differs from everyday routine. This could be with a thought, an intention on the board, using the intentional salt, a shower routine, etc.  At the end of your float it is important to "close" your session by energetically bringing all your pieces back to you, integrating your float bring yourself back by deeply breathing and coming into your present moment with mindfulness. This ritual also clears the energy for the next floater sharing the space.  We do this every morning: we open the float studio with our own ritual, clearing the space with either smudge or sound between floats and closing the space at night.

Curious about how to get started? We are here to help! We love providing tools and guidance for where to look, not what to see.


mitch bayliss


We encourage people to discover subtle, conscious movement beneath the water’s surface.  Each beautiful body is unique and thus all depends on what you personally need.

There are options to thoughtfully travel this waterscape creating new interpretations and finding what best supports you in that moment.

The space between lying on our backs to mindfully floating on our stomachs to incorporating float tools to assist with neck tension is your space to explore.  There really isn't a perfect way to float; it is your way of floating that makes it so.


There are many different positions to explore, specifically the way in which we place our arms.
Try any position between arms out and down beside the hips to all the way up to hands interlaced behind the head and anything in between.

  • FOR DECOMPRESSION of the spine and neck, try Cactus (arms bent at the elbow with hands beside the head), open heart space with hands above the head or fingers interlocked behind the head.
  • IF INNER CHILD SHOWS UP and needs comforting, place hands one on top of the other over the chest to facilitate a feeling of security.


There is an option! Flip over mindfully to explore this space.  It can be an incredible for opening the sacral space, pregnant mamas and creating a new experience.


This is so common - as many of us try to take on the weight of our world – that we are happy to provide a variety of neck support options for use in the tanks.  With multiple float sessions you should notice a decrease in tension with muscle relaxation and increase trust in the environment.

Below is an overview of all the neck support options and the basics of how to use them.

  1. Floatease (blue): Not only do we love this play on words, we also love the way it creates even more length in the spine and neck as it supports more of the head than the neck. Look for the blue halo that cradles the back of the cranium!
  2. Standard neck pillow (grey): If you’re craving more natural curvature of the neck this pillow is for you.  The best way to use this one is by flipping it like a "U" andplace your head in the opening with the “arms” supporting the sides of your head.
  3. Pool Noodle: Most of you have seen the pool noodle, a tubular foam object, generally used to float in pools or lakes. These can be excellent for placing along your spine, across the shoulders, low back, knees or even under the feet. This one can definitely be combined with any of the other options!
  4. Nek Doodle (green): This option tends to prop your head up and brings the chin slightly more toward the chest and will keep you in direct alignment with the water.

As floating is your practice, it is limitless. Trust your self.  Claim that space and make it your own.


mitch bayliss

That’s easy, I float to heal. As someone who suffers from chronic concussion issues, I’m continuously battling against the physical and mental symptoms from this agonizing injury. Floating is not only my escape from an overstimulated world, it’s my therapy.

My mind seeks the solace found in the silent darkness. And my body relishes in the total relaxation experienced while floating. Tension evaporates from each muscle in this unique weightless environment. This is something I struggle to achieve from other forms of therapy. In fact, many other therapies aggravate my symptoms rather than settling them. Even though it’s been years since I sustained the injury, my head still feels like a bruised peach. So much so, that somedays holding my head in my hands or resting it on a pillow elicits pain. Floating alleviates this. Plain and simple. The water supports my head in a way that doesn’t apply pressure and lets it rest in whatever position it needs to in order to be comfortable. An experience I have only been able get from floating.

When you have a concussion, your brain is injured. For me this means my brain doesn’t always function the way I want it to. That’s a big deal. During float sessions there is nothing my mind has to do. It has permission to do what it needs to do to heal. My brain can rest if that’s what it needs or I can put it to work and focus on exploring specific areas by trying to control my thoughts. While floating it doesn’t matter what direction my mind goes because I always leave each session feeling like I’m closer to firing on all cylinders. That ultimately means that I’m getting closer to being my old self again. And that’s powerful.

So why do I float? I float so I can be me.

 Corinne has nearly 10 years experience as a sports industry professional with a focus on supporting elite athletes through a holistic approach. In 2011, she was injured in a bobsleigh crash and walked away with a serious concussion and extensive damage to her musculoskeletal system, particularly in her back, neck and shoulders

WHY I FLOAT ~ Treeks

mitch bayliss


When I lean into the question…Why do I float, I feel overwhelmed…but like in EVERY good way possible.  It is because floating creates the space where the most attractive option is to get real and raw. Where there is no requirement to package the emotion, the thought, the judgement into something digestible for everyone else. It just presents itself to be seen.  It matches you every time with your truth in that moment. This is what I have secretly wanted and have feared my whole life. To be seen; to be heard. (yes, that includes self photos in newsletters and writing personal articles;). Inside the tank, that is all that exists as true connection demands nothing less than being completely authentic. Get naked. Get vulnerable. And then… trust the pathway to fall in love with it.


I am in AWE, literally mesmerized by what happens here every day…EVERY SINGLE DAY!   I honestly feel I am one of the luckiest people on this most amazing planet to be in service and witness people changing their lives right in front of my eyes..  Through the doors of One Love Float, I have witnessed physical breakthroughs while suspended in the salty love of the tanks, emotional exploration and even a wedding proposal! I love lending an excited ear to hear stories of subtle and most profound insights from inside the tank acting as a gentle nudge or much needed shove to follow the heart.

Authentic connection…this is one of my most favorite places to hang out with others.


It is about “leveling-up” like Mario style, you know…where you gain experience “star” points and grow to higher levels. It simply shows up for me.  It is the lesson to show up for oneself. Floating has literally integrated itself for me into a lifestyle to be part of the magic instead of the observer. This is having the courage to step into operating from my authentic self; to be seen; to be heard. Floating gives me the time to listen and to trust. It is being able to respond instead of react. this means holding a moment as long as it needs in order to be fully experienced. In those moments, I can choose to be a better Mom, friend, partner, guide, or whatever is needed in that moment.   It grounds me to live more authentically, into the knowing that love is always the answer and to have gratitude for it all. 

So what does one do with all those new “star” experience points?  Well, you gain new skills, you have deeper understandings and you start to see things differently… you start leveling up; being a better human…that’s why I float

Why I Float ~ Bryna Trollope

Treeka Drake

Why I FLOAT...

First, let me give you a super quick crash course in a few of my most major challenges as a young human:

1.       TERRIFIED of the dark

2.       SILENCE - I am a loud boisterous person and silence allows one to hear EVERYTHING which leads us to…..

3.       WILD imagination and VIVID dreamer - which in most cases is wonderful except when you’re a child who believes everything conjured by the mind is real…i.e. the sound of footsteps leading to my room (which ironically was always my overbeating heart in the pillow). I used to have to watch a show or listen to music to fall asleep

4.       OVERACTIVE MIND – I distinctly remember saying to my mom, “It’s not my fault! It’s my minds fault/my emotions I have no control over them!” I truly believed I was powerless…to myself!

5.       HIGHLY EMOTIONAL– now I realize how colourful my life is with this blessing, but back then I just wanted off the ride!

As a floater, you may identify that all of these things propose an interesting relationship with jumping into a dark, silent tank accompanied by the thoughts of the mind and emotions that marry themselves to those thoughts.

A few years ago, my whole life was flipped upside down. I chose to rebuild by challenging my fears because I was so tired of being scared all the time. For anyone that struggles with anxiety you know how awful and debilitating this way of living is! Or I should say this way of NOT living because all your systems are constantly in a state of fight or flight. 

I first started floating simply to know I could do it. Anytime something made me uncomfortable I became drawn to it. A pitch black box with water in it that closes me in and I just have to lay there?!! For an hour?? BY MYSELF? JUST MYSELF? NOTHING ELSE?! Count me in that sounds like the LAST place I’d ever want to go.

So, why do I have a regular float practice?

I float because it continues to teach me of self-love, acceptance, and the unknown; awareness of thought patterns, awareness of self, that nothingness is NOT terrifying and empty it’s an open door to countless possibilities all of own my creation; that I AM the creator, I AM powerFUL instead of powerLESS; not to have expectations.

I float because it helps me get back to me.

Bryna Trollope
One Love Floater,  Float Experience Guide