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One Love Float is passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body through empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. One Love Float provides an alternative, non invasive mind-body relaxation therapy through the use of floatation tanks in the areas of athletics, health/general well being and pre/postnatal care. Benefits from floating include: stress & pain relief, assist with addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, detox and improved personal performance through mental clarity, super learning, physical recovery and much more. Unplug from the world and plug into yourself.



This will be in accordance to your WHY.

What prompted you to book your float? What are you cultivating?

Are you stressed out, working on physical recovery, want to accelerate your healing?

Are you diving deep into self love, self exploration, connection, curiosity?

“There’s no single other intervention that comes even close to the list of benefits (of floating), and no other readily available self-empowerment tool that can so effectively and efficiently help the mind-body recalibrate toward optimal wellness.” ~Dr. Engle


It's simple. 
Accumulation is key. Floating changes your baseline and reality. 

The more you float, the more your floats will show up for you. Similar to going to the gym or yoga, the more you treat floating as a practice – the better results you’ll see in the short-term and long-term. We are HUGE advocates of floating at least once a week and allowing your mind to hit that awesome mental and physical reset button.

Noticeable effects from floating include

“The result is a major reboot to the neuro-endocrine (brain-hormone) system as the limbic systems scanning modes quiet, emotional awareness of the physical environment ceases and the parasympathetic system comes back on-line as the primary modality for nervous system function, thus facilitating rest and relaxation and a whole host of noticeable and measurable physiological effects.” ~ excerpt from Dr. Engle’s article Floating - the Ultimate Ally



A Weekly Float (4 Floats / Month)

Floating weekly can help provide extended relief for chronic pain, improve overall mental health, and help achieve next-level performance.

  • Great for pain reduction, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue and panic attacks

  • Secret weapon for enchancing mental clarity, problem solving abilities and creativity

  • Improve sleep quality and prevents insomnia

  • Recommended for athletes

  • Training and/or preparation for an upcoming event, exams, competition

  • Increase consistent and stable feelings of serenity and well-being with a plug into the “flow state” where you can witness rather than react. Floating makes you a rad human :)

Patrick Float-18.jpg

A Bi-Monthly Float (2 Floats / Month)

Floating twice per month can give you an energy boost, keep you aligned, and strengthen the immune system by allowing you to catch up on rest.

  • Recommended for those who are seated daily for long periods of time. Help to realign the spine, decrease inflammation, and reduce pain.

  • Recommended for clients with a moderately active routine to aid in recovery

  • Reduce symptoms of moderate to mild chronic pain and migraines


A Monthly Float (1 Float / Month)

A monthly float gives your a foundation for a monthly personal practice for self exploration and reflection.

  • Recommended for those with little to no pain

  • A monthly boost when you need it most

  • A great way to give the body and mind a much needed reset from consistent over-stimulation of daily life.


These are great option to kick start a program for pain management or float practice with maximum results in a short period of time. Research has shown that floating consistently (2-3 sessions a week) over a 3 week period can significantly reduce pain. Dr. Dan Engel MD, a practicing psychiatrist and board certified in psychiatry and neurology, believes it’s because floating starts to repair the body’s relationship with itself; it helps the body repair its own opioid production as well as its own pain molecule production.

This float intensive, in combination to other healing modalities, will accelerate your healing process and result in noticeable improvements.

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We have over a decade of float experience and would love to work with you to customize a float program that will help you achieve your goals. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Curiosity, experiment, explore:

Is floating proven by science?  By floating you are participating in YOUR science. 

Experimental process of floating: 

  • CURIOSITY: Create a hypothesis - what is your why for floating

  • EXPERIMENT: Run the experiment - Float and observe

  • EXPLORE: Create a conclusion - Reflect and engage in discussion and modify hypothesis

  • Repeat - as much as possible and discover the many dimensions of self and the tank

Make space for curiosity, participate in the experiment , build a relationship with the direct experience and engage with the mystery awaiting just beyond the external layer.   Your experiences will become one of mastery instead of novelty; one of artistry rather than skepticism.  The results are felt and they are YOURS!  And this is a much more meaningful experience.


How does floating show up for you? How are you showing up today for your float?


Being aware when and why you are using you float practice  It is a mirror – your practice – to how you show up for yourself. Taking ownership over your own healing practice you are healing the whole



Timing – vary your float times to try morning, afternoon and evening to see what works best for you

Length – vary your float length, tune in – what do you need.

EX. What works better for you a three 1hr floats or one 3hr float

Day of the week – float to set up your week, float to integrate your week, on a meaningful day or as needed

Tank option – Get to know the tanks and their healing energy | Try a new one  |  Alternate between them | Consider placing your head at the other end of the tank