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One Love Float is passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body through empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. One Love Float provides an alternative, non invasive mind-body relaxation therapy through the use of floatation tanks in the areas of athletics, health/general well being and pre/postnatal care. Benefits from floating include: stress & pain relief, assist with addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, detox and improved personal performance through mental clarity, super learning, physical recovery and much more. Unplug from the world and plug into yourself.


One Love Doula

An inviting space for prenatal and postnatal care in combination to doula and/or placenta encapsulation services. An additional dimension to the ideal birth experience and journey.  

 The tanks are incredible in supporting mom emotionally and physically throughout the journey, and in creating a place she can learn to trust in her body and listen to her inner most wise messages. It is a sacred place to hold space for connection.




One Love Float works in partnership with Five Elements Birth Services to provide the ultimate supportive team for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.





The Ultimate Pregnancy Collaboration including:

  • Placenta encapsulation

  • 4 float sessions (All for Mom or partner shared)


  • Your placenta is the perfect remedy for you as it is home grown and helps with post-partum healing, baby blues, restoring balance to the body, increased energy and milk supply

  • Includes capsules and tincture

  • Placenta art and salves also available by request.

other birth services offered by five elements birth services:


Floating and Pregnancy - Heyoka babies

Breech babies... jumping into the world feet first

Float tanks are incredible in supporting Mom emotionally and physically through out her pregnancy. They create a place she can learn to trust in her body and listen to her inner most wise messages. It is a sacred place to hold space for connection. I have been a birth Doula for over a decade and recently was asked my thoughts on floating for breech is my vibe on it.

First of all, what is a breech baby? It is when baby has their buttocks coming into mother’s pelvis before the head which can present as their bottom or feet first during arrival. We do very much like it when baby is born head first into the amazing world, anything else can invite challenges.  If you are looking for more information, here is one of my favorite websites on the topic : Spinning Babies


I think it is important to open with the knowing that babies can decide to flip at any moment. I have seen this happen at the last second and it usually says a lot about baby's personality! They are womb ninjas that way and knowing this can help Mom let go of the desire to try and control its outcome.

Then lets get wild and combo this thought with the knowing that babies are intuitive; just like moms!  This acknowledges that birth is a natural process, it has its own rhythm and designed with intention. There may be a reason for baby being breech and it is key to access the root of why that is...more times than not it is fear. Isn't that what always holds us back from what we want?! Floating can be great with this intention to see what comes up around why baby is hanging out breech - for both baby AND Mom.   Another reason can be that baby simply needs to be born another way.  Sometimes we are too close to a situation to see the whole big picture and there is a reason. This is where trust comes in.  It is essential for birth.  Trust we always get the birth we need... just like we always get the float we need.  The womb mirror is so incredible and such a powerful space to connect with baby. This is one of the reasons I love the tank so much!

Floating can physically encourage more space within the body which will give room for baby to move and maybe create a space for them to get curious about a different position inside Mom. There are many positions that help Mom feel weightless, give her desired tummy time and support deep relaxation.  This article from Float Solutions gives some great descriptions and visuals for floating while pregnant. One of my favorites to recommend is the Mommy pose (elbows on the floor of the tank, head nested in her hands) as it is amazing at opening the sacral space, perhaps creating the room to encourage baby to align with a favorable position...if they want to.

In the end, Mom is the vehicle and Baby is the driver.  They will decide the way they need to come into the world. This is their lesson and we get to honor it by showing up for them and hosting an incredible birth day party when they arrive. It is the concept of lovevolution; being born into love rather than fear as these two emotions can not coexist.  Encourage Mom to hold loving space and provide the opportunity for baby to find their most ideal birth position.  From there, it is up to baby to meet Mom in that space. ...once again just like the tank!  The float tank can hold space and it is up to the floater to decide if they are going to surrender into it. 

Beautiful synergy.  Womb².

With Wild Love,
Treeka Drake

Master Herbalist & Holistic Therapist | Birth Doula & Placenta Medicine

Disclaimer: It is advisable to consult with your primary health provider to see if floating supported during your pregnancy.


"Wow. Words can't express how much gratitude I have for you and your gifts. That was the most incredible experience of our lives and I can't event imagine how we would have made it through without you. You helped us find our superpowers and were just so incredible with absolutely everything. Your intuition, your decisiveness and your confidence were amazing powers that shaped the experience for us for the better. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping guide amazing Jack into this world." ~Scott


"What can I say that will express the depth of my gratitude to you? You came in late in the game, jumped in as I was birthing without a partner, were an exquisite coach, knowing exactly when and how to engage with me and literally made the entire difference in the birth. You had an innate understanding of "space" when to give me some and when I needed you to close the gap. It was a little scary doing it on my own and as soon as we met, I was immediately more confident and felt totally supported.  Thank you for being an integral part of this beauteous circle, an elder who held space (and my hand) at my DREAM birth." ~ Sherry

"There are not enough words, nor the right ones to say thank you for being a part of our lives and for your strength, support, wisdom and spirit. Your caring, down-to-earth approach and awesome personality made you the perfect doula." ~Jen

"I wonder if you know what you do for people is one of the most amazing and generous things. Your love, support, knowledge, time, ,,emotion...everything you put in - thank you. The birth I had, I can't even put words to it. I did it and I just can't even explain what that is to me. You belong here, it is your gift and passion and it shows!" ~ Alanna (VBAC)

"Thank you for helping bring Delilah into the world with us. You have changed my view on Doulas and the whole childbirth process. Now I wouldn't do it any other way." ~ Michael


five elements birth services interview with one love float

November 15, 2015

We don’t even have the words to express how excited we are to share this fantastic local resource with all of you! One Love Float, “Calgary’s friendliest float studio”, is owned by Treeka Drake, master herbalist, holistic therapist, intuitive healer, birth doula, and all around incredible human being. Want to know more? So did we!

(For the basics on what floating is, please check out One Love Float’s FAQs page. Don’t worry, we’ll wait while you check it out!)

When you schedule your first float you may spend a lot of time curiously wondering about what your first experience will be like. One Love Float is located in the community of Silver Springs, in northwest Calgary, nestled on a cozy and quiet neighborhood street. As you cross the threshold into the One Love Float space, the overwhelming feeling is that of peace and safety. This is in no small part because of Treeka. As Christine said to her “You are a part of the magic of this place. I do not think this place would be what it is without YOU.”

When you arrive for your first float, Treeka takes the time to make sure you feel comfortable and ready to float.  There are a few logistics to be aware of (stay on your back, don’t get the salt in your eyes) as well as some emotional considerations (Treeka describes your first float as “an awkward first date”. The key is to allow the experience to be just as it is). By the time you’re actually getting into the tank for the first time you feel confident and eager to experience a float.

It’s obvious from the moment you meet her that Treeka is all about the people. Her dream is to create a One Love community/tribe/family. She wants to build a space where people feel cozy and secure, a place where they know they are welcome to stay and hang out and talk about their experience. Ironically, Treeka never had any intention of owning her own business – but for her getting to know the people who choose to come to One Love Float, who choose to have their experiences there, to allow her to see pieces of who they are, is what gets her up in the morning. As she says, “it's soul delicious”.

We were dying to know in what ways floating can be helpful during pregnancy. Treeka shared that the physical benefits of floating are magnified during pregnancy. The anti-gravity environment takes all the pressure off of your joints and muscles and allows your body to completely decompress. And while she doesn’t recommend this to everyone, for her pregnant customers, she encourages them to turn over and float on their bellies! This opens up the sacral space and creates room in the body for baby to move – and baby will take full advantage. Many moms report that their babies are very calm while they float on their backs but as soon as they turn over “it’s a party and a dance”.

Emotionally, floating is a wonderful opportunity to pause and connect to baby - Treeka calls it “womb squared”. The tanks are fantastically womb like (nurturing, comforting, cradling, you’re resting in a saline solution, etc) and they offer a distraction free environment to just tap into what’s happening with your baby. Floating during pregnancy is also an incredible opportunity to develop a ritual of self-care that can continue after baby is born. It is so easy to be taken over entirely by the needs of the wee being who has swept into your life. The ability to give yourself permission to recharge for an hour, so you can show up again for all the other things in your life, is essential.

Floating also allows you to practice a level of mindfulness, of being in your body, that is exceptionally practical for labor. The tanks are a space where magic can happen but you “need to get out of your own way”. You really need to let go of expectation and surrender to what is rather than what you think it should be. As Treeka says, “you may not get the float you think you should have, but you always get the float you need”. There are so few opportunities in our culture to be alone with self, to be quiet, to just be, so it can be scary to do that on purpose. The tanks offer a chance to work through that fear and begin to build a trusting relationship with ourselves that we can then bring into labor. Being able to work with what is, to surrender to the intensity of labor, to trust ourselves in the process of bringing our babies into the world, can have a positive impact on our perception and experience of labor and birth.

Rachel & Christine