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One Love Float is passionate about the path to falling in love with yourself and honouring the wisdom of the human body through empowering natural processes, promoting wholistic wellness and the authentic connection between mind, body and soul. One Love Float provides an alternative, non invasive mind-body relaxation therapy through the use of floatation tanks in the areas of athletics, health/general well being and pre/postnatal care. Benefits from floating include: stress & pain relief, assist with addictions, weight loss, depression, anxiety, detox and improved personal performance through mental clarity, super learning, physical recovery and much more. Unplug from the world and plug into yourself.


Cosmic Float Specials

Check out what’s new and exciting at One Love Float.

Is it your birthday? Looking for a unique date night idea? A holiday gift idea? A new experience?

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"Went for my 5th float last night and I've never had the same effects on my first few as I did on my latest float.  I went into the tank feeling worn out and apathetic to the world but waking up this morning, I've never felt so motivated ! Thanks One Love. "  - Ian Campbell

Karen - synergy-healing



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july summer specials

Complimentary Sauna Session

Meet Ama our newest member to the One Love family.

How awesome are infrared saunas?!  Check out their benefits here



Float for MAPS

We are excited to announce that for the entire month of July, we are launching a float campaign to raise funds for groundbreaking post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) research being conducted by Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) with 15% of every standard float session purchased.

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unlimited august floats!

Create your practice.

$99 Unlimited floats

$139 Unlimited float + sauna combos

(Float up to 90mins/day)

Be curious.

When we think back to how we fell in love with floating, a big part of that is that we had continuous access to the tanks, fostering a symbiotic relationship for discovery and healing.

We would love to extend this access to support your exploration in connection with the tanks.  We truly believe in the depth of this practice, the power of self exploration and the magic of the void.


FLOAT DATES/ Couples floats

  • The Beatles said it best: "All you need is LOVE"
  • $129 to reconnect to yourself, as partners or as friends
  • (2) float sessions in 2 tanks or both in the same tank - need to have previous float experience




  • Customization for all occasions
  • Available for all Services (floats, healing, passes, packages)


cosmic combos:

synergy HEALING combo

Sound and Energy Healing Sessions with Karen Yuen:

In a session with Karen you will receive a sound and energy healing experience. The combination of sound and energy allows a potent shift in one’s frequency to initiate clearing, repair and restoration. Karen creates a safe space for your healing journey, as she weaves sacred tones and sound harmonics with her crystal singing bowl. Her energy healing gift clears and makes space for the healing you require. Karen’s clairvoyant and empathic abilities assist her to retrieve guidance and healing from Spirit helpers to return one to a state of grace. A state where one’s transformation can access their own innate healing abilities to be whole.

  • Float + Sound Energy Healing Combo $179
  •  We highly recommend a single first float prior to any float combo to enhance the experience
  • (60 -90min float + 60min sound energy healing)
  • Call/email  to book

psychic sessions

Psychic Readings

In each reading, you will receive direct message from YOUR spirit guides, angels and passed loved ones. Each private reading includes your tarot cards reading, crystal reading and positive affirmations. I include private notes from your session and leave the last 10 minutes of each session for you to ask any questions that may not have been answered. We can focus on a general life reading, business, life purpose or specifically on making contact with your passed loved ones in heaven. All of your messages come from love, light and offer you personalized guidance.

  • Available by request
  •  We highly recommend a single first float prior to any float combo to enhance the experience
  • Make it a cosmic combo with a Float for $179              (1 hour float + 30min treatment)
  • Collaboration with Jessica Dolphin
  • Call/ email to book